Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mixed Messages FREE PictoChat Edition

As you may now, Activision recently released Mixed Messages via DSiWare. The game is a variation of "Telephone" or "Chinese whispers" as you have to write messages down to be interpreted by others, often resulting in messages very different from the first. The problem that many people saw with this DSi version of the game though, was that it could easily be played using PictoChat for free.

    Well, those people were wrong, since previous messages can be read by other people on the top screen, allowing them to effectively cheat. With our top of the range, Uber-duper device though, you can play Mixed Messages using Pictochat, completely free!

    What the amazing contraption does, is cover up all the messages that are supposed to be kept hidden, making sure that users don't cheat, and can play the game how it's supposed to be played. All you have to do, is download the PDF file below, print it off on A4 paper, cut it out and stick it together and slide it onto the top of your Nintendo DS lite or Nintendo DSi. All the sizing should be ready for you (although the sides may stick out slightly on the DS lite), alongside instructions and handy tips on how to use the device.

    Another amazing feature is that it doesn't matter if you've only got some really thin paper that you'll be able to see through anyway, since the area covering the screen is coloured black, preventing those of you with superior eye functionality from reading previous messages. In addition to this, you can also leave the device in place when closing the lid of your DS, with absolutely no damage done, ready for when you need to play a game on the move.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Mixed Messages FREE PictoChat Edition RIGHT NOW (instructions included) using the link below NOW! And, if you want to: Why not even print off a few more copies for your friends? That way, you can avoid spending 500 Nintendo points (a whopping £4.50 in the UK, or $5 in North America) on something you don't even need to spend money on.

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  1. This is awesome, man. If only I had the desire to play Mixed Messages in the first place!

    haha, jk. This is great, though.


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