Saturday, 11 April 2009

Steel Penny Games responds to Bruiser and Scratch sales

Jason Hughes over at Steel Penny Games has updated their site with a recent blog post discussing how they've reacted to the sales of their WiiWare game, Bruiser and Scratch, which released in NA back in 2008. What do they have to say? How did Bruiser and Scratch do? Well, to put it frankly, not very good. Here's what Jason said:
  • "Bruiser & Scratch has been available on WiiWare for a while, and as expected, we haven't been blown away by sales figures.  Partly, this is our fault for allowing the game to ship when it wasn't Crash Bandicoot... [W]e should have made a chintzy 2D version of the game, cut the characters, cut the story, and basically shipped it 6 months earlier... Also, if we'd released earlier there would be less puzzle game exhaustion on the part of the user base.. by the time we came out, there were more than enough puzzle games on WiiWare to go around.  The initial reviews skewered us, and that's all she wrote."
It's very discouraging to hear this kind of news especially when the game deserved some praise for what it did. It's a shame, really, but let's hope that this hasn't totally discouraged them from making future WiiWare releases.

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