Monday, 11 May 2009

Billy's Blog: Busy, Busy Me...

Hey there guys, just thought I'd let you know why there haven't been that many posts from me recently. The reason, is that at the moment I'm trying to revise for my BIG exams, whilst trying to balance playing through games to A) not overload myself with stress and B) to prepare for a review for you guys (apart from when I'm playing PC games - that's just for the stress :D )

    Because of this though, you may have noticed that I haven't been uploading many new things to the 'site, and I apologise for this. When I have gaps in my timetables and whatnot that I can spend working on the 'site, I will do my best to do so. My next such gap is tomorrow evening, incidentally, and although I can see myself using that time for myself, I'll do my best to work on the website, or at least on my free day on Wednesday :D

    Once again, massive apologies, in particular to Hudson soft (who's Adventure Island review is still yet to come), KnucklesSonic8 (who I barely get a chance to talk to without ending asking him to do more things for the 'site - and who's Super Paper Mario review needs to be finalised and uploaded) and our new team member Murat (who's Red Steel review - his first review for Wiiloveit - still needs to be posted online).

    I'd also like to apologise to you guys, who haven't had too much to read recently, but I assure you that everything and everyone is still busy here, and we will have a few special features and some more reviews on their way in the next few weeks and months. Here's a hint at what we'll be giving you: *fingers conveniently drop off, providing a great excuse for Billy to stop talking and not reveal anything*

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