Saturday, 9 May 2009

Review - Defend Your Castle

THE FACTS: Defend Your Castle
WiiWare | XGen Studios | Action / strategy | 1-4 Players (local co-op) | 500 Nintendo Points | Out Now
Control: Wii remote
Reviewer: James Fluker

Defend Your Castle started out as a free online flash game, where the aim was to pick up stick figure people and drop them from a high enough altitude to their doom in order to protect your castle. After a certain amount of time, the level would end giving the player the chance to save and upgrade your defence before continuing on. Each level ramps up the difficulty, eventually unleashing harder enemies and weapons on you, such as catapults and giants.

    This is where the game's strength lies: as there are more and increasingly tougher enemies on screen, it is necessary to start to develop strategies on how to best survive, such as saving spells for giants or making sure you aren't swarmed by blowing up crowds. As you'd play, the game would constantly pump out new stages until the player calls it quits, and if you fail, you were given the opportunity to restart from the stage.

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