Saturday, 9 May 2009

Minor Annoyance of Wii Games - Part One: Boxed Windows

Welcome to my new series of blogs taking a glance at the little things that really annoy me when it comes to gaming on the Wii. I'm going to try and update the blog every day this week with either one of these features, or... something else.

When I turn on a Wii game on my small but snazzy HD telly, I revel in knowing that many others using the standard AV cable that came inside the original box are stuck with an inferior, fuzzier picture to mine. Okay, maybe I'm not that harsh, but I still like knowing that I'm getting the full experience on the Wii, rather than being stuck with older technology all the time, like my epically slow mobile phone, or my first generation iPod nano.

    Maybe I'm being a bit stuck-up, but I love to have new things, even though I'm not always able to get them. And when I do get them, it's not because I'm rich (which I'm not), but because I've either saved up for a while, or got them in a special offer :) Anyways, I digress...

    When I do insert the game in the slot of my Wii, and start it up, one thing I always look for on the "Wii remote safety screen" is whether or not the screen fills all the space on my television. It might sound a bit daft, but if the screen is not ENTIRELY filled with video, I fell slightly cheated, and distracted by the borders that surround the screen.

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