Friday, 22 May 2009

Latest ESRB Ratings

This week we've seen some very interesting ESRB Ratings pop up. Here's a quick summary of some of the more interesting titles. One of the most notable is that of "Domino Rally" confirming that a North American localization of the Japanese title, "Go! Go! Go! Minon: Everyday Hero" is, indeed, still coming! This is great news for anyone who had hoped it would get localized. 

Drill Sergeant Mindstrong has re-appeared for the second time possibly hinting that the game is coming this month since XSEED had slated the game for release last month. Sexy Poker has also turned up once again with a Mature rating for such questionable elements as Sexual Themes and Nudity. Oh boy. Will Gameloft actually go through with it? Will Nintendo allow them to do it? Time will tell but this author thinks they'll have to make it less questionable.

Cave Story and Mighty Flip Champs! also got rated by the ESRB this week. Both are of little surprise. Whilst Cave Story probably won't be heading to North America just yet, it's quite possibly that Mighty Flip Champs will come out before E3. 

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