Sunday, 24 May 2009

KS8's HUGE Compilation of E3 Predictions

This year, E3 is shaping up to be quite ambitious! After last year's disappointments with regards to Nintendo's strong gear towards the "casual" audience with the likes of Animal Crossing and Wii Music, there's ample reason to suggest that Nintendo will be focusing on the "core" masses this time around and that can only be good news!
Even Nintendo realized that their support towards E3 last year was quite lacking and they were even disappointed in themselves. With that in mind, there's lots to look forward to. Since E3 2008, so many fans have expressed their views on not only Nintendo's E3 appearance but also thoughts on Nintendo as a whole -- accusing them of focusing so much on the new audiences that they're ignoring their longtime fans (or at least, not supporting them as well as they should be.
Lots of rumors, insider information and announcement have surfaced since that point from January 2009 onwards (and even a few before that point). All things considered, there's a lot to look forward to this year which is why I decided to compile a big list of predictions for this coming year. These predictions will not only see fulfillment during E3 but some may surface shortly afterwards sometime this year.
Some of the predictions you're about to read are based on facts and solid information, some are based ondeeply-rooted fan hopes, and others are predictions ofmore "secretive" nature! All in all, you're getting a big mix! With only 9 days left till E3, I'm pleased to finally present to you my giant list of predictions!

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